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28th July 2014

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SMTM S3 E4 eng subs | 1/2 

Part 2: x

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26th July 2014

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b.i x bobby x faceless | smtm3

Some people asked why YG posted this clip and questing the timing of it. But I think it makes perfect sense. The rest of the SMTM competition relies to some extent on viewers votes so YG would want to promote Double B being on the show so that they can get more votes. 

That’s what i would do too if I were YG.

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26th July 2014


140720 Bobby raps ILLIONAIRE - 가 →

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26th July 2014

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[7ONTHEBLOCK] 5 Minutes Before Chaos

Episode 1 [1/5]

[2/5]  [3/5]  [4/5]  [5/5]

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25th July 2014

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SMTM3 episode 3 | eng sub

It’s a tough life at SMTM3. This is a tough gig for B.I. and Bobby. If they do well, there would be backlash. But you can tell that they are maturing leaps and bounds in this program. So if one believes that there is no such thing as bad publicity. This isn’t too bad an exposure. In the last episodes of SMTM 3, you can see them making a few friends which is great to see.

My thoughts: At first, I did not like that both Bobby and B.I. chose an opponent whom they didn’t like instead of someone who would work well with them. Because of poor teamwork, both their performances (in the 1:1 battle) weren’t impressive. Their selection of someone in a 1:1 battle to “teach them a lesson” seems a bit cocky to me until I realized something else. They probably didn’t want to win over anyone else. Whomever they picked, would be eliminated if they did well. So they picked someone they dislike the most. In the end, I’m glad at least they did not pick the weakest ones (like how some of the other veteran rappers did).

They are young. They have lots to learn.

[Spoiler: B.I. forgot his lyrics again which is really unfortunate]. 

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20th July 2014

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[แฟนแอค] ฮันบิน จินฮวาน บ็อบบี้ โชว์ มี เดอะ มันนี่! →



ฉันนั่งอยู่ตรงแถวที่สามในหมู่เก้าอี้คนดู ผู้ชมผู้ชายคนอื่นสูง ฉันเลยมองเห็นไม่ชัดเท่าไหร่ ฉันเลยเดินหนีไปด้านหลังและดูการแสดงจากมุมนั้น จู่ๆฉันก็เห็นจินฮวานอยู่ตรงนั้นด้วย ฉันล่ะตกใจจริงๆ เขาอยู่ข้างหลังฉันล่ะ… หน้าของเขาเล็กมากและดูเหมือนเด็กจริงๆเลย จินฮวานเดินไปหน้าเวทีนิดนึง…

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13th July 2014

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[FANCAM] 140712 Fanta Event cr. Mino Thumbs Up! | do not edit.

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13th July 2014

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[FANCAM] 140712 Fanta Event cr. Neverthinks | do not edit.

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11th July 2014

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Bad Joke Bobby with a special appearance by Donghyuk!

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11th July 2014

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Mino so cute and “handsome”

Mino so cute and “handsome”

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